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Is there an app you would love to bring to the world? Our expert team of developers and designers can make it happen.
From idea to reality

From idea to reality

Every great app started with an idea. Whatever the idea, we can make it real. First, we discuss your concept, aims and vision. Then we create a working prototype to gather your feedback. Then we bring it to life.

Form and function

Great design isn’t just about looking good – it is essential to making the user experience enjoyable and intuitive. Our team of professional designers and developers will collaborate with you to make the best UX/UI possible, in both design and functionality.
Mobile Apps
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Developed for every device

You want your app to reach as many people as possible, but the mobile market is split into different operating systems. Our cross-platform development frameworks allow us to build for Android and iOS from a single codebase. This saves you time, while you reach Android and iPhone users alike.


We use serverless hosting – a cloud-native model that offers rapid scalability. If demand for your app grows, you will be ready to accommodate it in an instant. Serverless hosting also means lower costs and less latency – meaning your app is ready for a large user base from day one.
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The Cosoft experience

We discuss your idea in depth – your target audience, preferred platform and objectives. By understanding your vision and brand identity, we will develop a better app in functionality and design.
Before writing code, we create a wireframe. This is a proof-of-concept blueprint that shows how the app will function. This allows you to give feedback, and us to anticipate issues before they arise. It’s all about our commitment to transparency and quality.
After gathering your feedback, we build. Every line of code is automatically tested to eliminate errors and security vulnerabilities. We then deploy in a safe sandbox environment, where our QA engineers will work with you to test every last detail.
It’s time to put your app into the world!
The Cosoft experience


Hive Supply Teachers
"When I first approached Cosoft, Hive Supply Teachers was just an idea. Now it’s a great app and a successful business. The Cosoft team took the idea and developed a clear plan for how the app would look and work. They created wireframes along with a great brand design, before developing a brilliant working app on all platforms. I was blown away by their technical knowledge and ability, and would recommend them to anyone. "
Drew Dower, Founder
Hive Supply Teachers

Want to do more with your app?

You have your cross-platform app. It works on mobile and tablet, Apple and Android. We can go further. Our developers can create a web version for browsers, opening it up to desktop and laptop users. We can also integrate the app with any of your back-end systems, from CRM to billing.