We are specialists in developing software projects in telecoms, with years of experience working with cloud phone systems, billing and unified communications platforms.


“We’ve worked with Cosoft on a number of projects over the years, and they’ve always been able to add value. One example is our number porting process. As a telecom distributor, we provision tens of thousands of phone numbers per year. We used to do this manually, but Cosoft found a way to automate the whole process. This has saved us hundreds of man hours per month. I would recommend them to any business looking to make processes more efficient.”
Grace Lawless, Operations Director

Platforms we've worked on

Bring your vision to life

Bring your vision to life

Our team is uniquely suited to delivering telecoms software projects, thanks to years of experience in the industry. In previous roles, we have installed and maintained phone systems, as well as developing bespoke telecom apps and integrations with multiple platforms.

Industry knowledge

Not only do we have a deep understanding of communication technology – we also understand the channel and the business needs of MSPs, distributors and manufacturers. This means we can provide informed advice, and develop tools to increase recurring revenue and automate repetitive tasks.
Industry knowledge
A complete service

A complete service

As well as coders, our team includes designers, marketers and content writers who specialise in the tech channel. We can develop your app, and we can also produce stunning UI designs in keeping with your brand identity. We can even help you market it and create professionally written user guides.

Apps we've created

To protect our customers’ commercial interests, most of our telecoms software projects are subject to non-disclosure agreements. These are some of the tools we’ve created for them.
Analytics platform
Cloud-based call analytics platform for a UK reseller, with custom reporting and wallboards. As well as development, we created a stunning interface and branding.
Mobile UC apps
We have developed bespoke mobile UC apps on multiple phone system platforms, for resellers who needed more customisable and advanced features.
Billing platforms
Our developers have created bespoke billing platforms that increase efficiency and remove human error by automating the entire process.
Call recording search functionality
A smart search tool with an intuitive interface, allowing users to search their call recording database quickly by multiple fields including date, time, customer and agent.
Web UC app using WebRTC
A full-featured UC app for a major platform, using WebRTC technology to deliver multi-channel communication on any browser.
Desktop UC
Downloadable desktop UC software, compatible with Mac and PC.

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Some of our telecoms integrations

Repetitive tasks may be necessary, but they drain resources. We can create integrations and automations to automate them. These are some of the projects we’ve delivered.
Number porting
Manual number porting is slow and laborious. We have automated it, saving hundreds of man hours per year and eliminating human error.
Quick Quote
A product management and automated quoting tool that saved a sales team countless hours.
Broadband availability checking
This allowed a reseller to instantly check the availability of fibre in a customer’s location from multiple suppliers.
Integrating billing platforms with accountancy software
Manually updating Xero and Sage with billing information is slow, tedious work. We can create middleware to automate it.
CRM-phone system integration
Out-of-the-box CRM integration is useful, but limited. We can create more feature-rich integrations to perform tasks like automated notes for every call.
Automatically provisioning numbers
We have created middleware to automate number provisioning, helping resellers speed up deployment and save man hours.
Automated workflow from sale to provisioning
We have automated the workflow from sale to deployment, saving time and helping resellers provide a faster service.
Leasing calculator
Instant and automatic calculations of leasing terms, enhancing both the efficiency and accuracy of this vital process.
Commission calculator
Automated commission calculation, to ensure maximum transparency between MSPs and their sales teams.
What are your pain pionts

What are your pain points?

Repetitive tasks slowing you down? Need more tools to make customers stickier? Inefficient workflow from order to provisioning? Combining our channel experience and technical knowhow, we can find a way to help give you a competitive edge.

Bring an idea to life

We are client-led, and we’re problem-solvers. You don’t need a fully formed idea to approach us. Just talk to us, and we’ll listen and consult. We are confident that our channel knowledge and development skills can help you meet your challenges and overcome your goals.
Bring an idea to life
Beyond telecoms

Beyond telecoms

With the growth of cloud services, MSPs have to be able to provide reliable connectivity quickly – to support their other services, meet customer needs and stand out from competitors. We have developed numerous tools to help them achieve this.

ISPs we have integrated with

ISPs we have integrated with

Connectivity tools we’ve developed

Automated speed checks
Quick, accurate and automatic performance monitoring, with real-time dashboard and custom reporting.
Order management tools
Automated order management to record sales and instantly pass the relevant details to billing and deployment teams.
Availability and price checker
Automated pricing and fibre availability checker, saving man hours and offering a more responsive service.